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Our full time foster cats are available for a monthly sponsorship of £7 a month. This sponsorship will help towards vet bills and general care.

Each sponsor will receive quarterly updates of the cat, and be able to see their progress. All of the full time foster cats are with us due to medical conditions which require expensive treatments and live at the rescue with our own animals. Most of them enjoy the garden and can be seen when visiting the rescue.

For more information or to arrange a sponsorship please email- alinn.rpr@gmail.com

There are currently 7 full time foster cats at the rescue.


Aslan came to us last year as a stray, he was estimated to be around 10 years old. When he arrived with us Aslan had a head tilt and it was discovered that he had tumours down his ears and he was given a short life expectancy. He is still very much with us and is doing well, he is a very strong and healthy cat. Aslan loves food, cuddles and the garden. He is truly a wonderful boy.



Tilly is around 4 years old, she was handed over to the rescue due to her owners being unable to cope with the amount of medication she was on for her various allergic reactions. Tilly is also partially sighted so this poor girl seemed to have a lot of issues, but after a few months most of her allergies were under control but we still find new ones occasionally. Tilly is a little sweetheart who will tap you for affection and has the loudest purr. She loves the radiator in the winter and the conservatory in the summer.



Peanut was left at our vets after a road traffic collision. He was in a very bad way, but at only 6 months old our vets were determined to save him. They asked us if we would take him on if he were to recover, and of course, we said we would. Peanut, amongst other things, has brain damage and occasionally has small seizures. He is a wonderful boy who loves the outdoors and is found in the garden all day in the summer. He is very temperamental due to his condition but he loves his mum (Patsy) unconditionally. He will need lots more support as he gets older but for now it’s just wonderful to watch him catching flies.



Sausage came to us in November 2015 as a five month old kitten. He came in with his mother and after a few days we realised there was something very wrong with him. We rushed Sausage into the vets and they discovered that he had a deficiency with his immune system, meaning that Sausage would be very ill most of the time and would be lucky to make it to 12 months. We decided to keep him at the rescue and continue with 24 hour care to give him the best chance. Sausage is now growing well, he is still poorly but most of his symptoms are kept under control through daily medication and he has made it through his first year! He is a very naughty kitten and will grab your ankles as you walk past, he also is best friends with one of our partially sighted cats Frankie.



Jack came to us as an old boy at 14, his owner had passed away and Jack had no where to go. Jack settled in straight away and became an enormous love bug who adores being on your lap. Sadly after a few months Jack began to have fits and we had a few very scary moments as they became longer and closer together, but our amazing vets have stabilised him and he is doing really well on his epilepsy medication. Jack spends all summer in the garden, and the winter cuddled up indoors.



Little Lily joined the RPR group earlier this year after Patsy’s friend sadly passed away. Lily is a young girl who sadly suffers with sever acne, but she is now on steroids to keep the worst of it at bay. Lily settled in straight away and is always next to a food bowl! She has a very sweet nature and a very loud purr to match. She is a happy lady who doesn’t seem to suffer too much with her sore skin.



Shona arrived at the rescue 4 years ago, she was a feral girl and despite our best efforts we could not tame her. After a few weeks we realised that she had a strong attachment to one of our own cats, so we decided to try Shona in the house with our others. Shona loves the outdoors but always comes home in the evening, and slowly she is beginning to trust us. She will always be a permant fixture now but she is our personal proof that with enough perseverance the shyest cat can turn into a love bug.



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