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  1. Ashleigh said:

    such a shame rescue centres refuse to home to couples with children, I have two daughters my youngest being 2.5 years old, oldest daughter 10, I’m a veterinary nurse and my husband is a vet, we live in a very large house and my cats (I already have two Persians,have there own rooms downstairs where my youngest daughter cannot get access too without us but the cats can via a cat flap) they have a large outside run and are incredibly spoilt and we could of offered a 10star home to one of your rescue cats, I really wish you would ask more questions before making a decision as you would struggle to find a better home regardless of the age of my child!
    I hope you find them wonderful homes, please don’t judge before asking more relevant questions.

    • lin jarrold said:

      hello ashleeigh
      i am looking for a very good home for sapphire, shes a longhalr scottish fold with straight ears, she is 3 in november, she has been spayed.
      i bought her 6 weeks ago from a lady but she isnt settling at all as doesnt like our 3 dogs, shes fine we our other cat but the dogs frighten her so she just hides in our bedroom.
      i need to find a home for her soon so she can settle and be happy.
      we are located in skegness, if you might be interested in giving her a home please get in touch with me, i have ask protection cats but they have a 3 month waiting list, and they said she needs a home asap.

  2. Hannah Chamberlain said:

    Hello, I’m posting on behalf of my Mum who had recently lost her much loved cat and is looking for a young Siamese cat to give a forever home to. Please let me know if you can help. Thank you.

  3. Val Parry said:

    I have a long experience with Persian rescue cats of all ages and breeds, usually from RSPCA but I was at one time a breeder of Persians who vetted every kitten until I found the right family, when I gave up I kept my nine cats until they all passed on. I would love another rescue as our last, Kenny, was a Red Point Birman who passed away in December 2015, we still miss him

    • Cheryl Jamieson said:

      Hello. My daughters marriage is breaking down and she is looking for a foster home/ possibly permanent home for her little boy.
      He’s a 2 year old ginger and white Persian . He’s gorgeous but is getting so stressed with the current situation. If you could offer any help at all I would appreciate your advice. Thankyou x

  4. Alison Denny said:

    Hello, I am hoping you can help me as I’m looking to adopt one or two rescue Persians please. We are a cat loving family with experience of Persians. Please contact me if I can give them a loving home .

    • Joanna Little said:

      I have a beautiful 6year old pedigree shorthair exotic white female in perfect health who I need to rehome. Please let me know if you are interested in offering her a loving home.

      • Mira ho said:

        Hi we are looking to give a new home to a persian or exotic. Does your female get along with other cats? I have a persian female and Asian female both indoor cats. I have a six year old son and older daughters. We are based in derby. Please contact me if you think we would be a good fit.


  5. Marion Minney said:

    You continue to be the best rescue I have had contact with. I rehomed beautiful ‘Luke@ Rushian Blue about five years ago when he was 11 years old. Last December I rehomed Demi a bluepoint and tabby Ragdoll. I am so sorry to say Patsy, we lost Demi today, she seemed unwell and didn’t eat for almost two days. The vet couldn’t find anything obvious and decided on blood tests. I felt there was something very wrong and sadly I was right, she had severe renal problems, along with an overactive thyroid, the latter causing more problems for her kidney function. We could have tried emergency treatment with drips etc, no guarantees,. I did not think that was fair to her, she must have been feeling terrible. So I made the decision and the vet said she would have done the same. So THANK YOU so much for letting me take Demi and the wonderful eight months we had together. I have some Royal Canin Fur and skin and emergent nutrition, would they be of some use to you?? Kind regards Marion Minney

  6. Lottie Pedwell said:

    Hi I rehomed Bella with you on Sunday and we cannot come over and collect her to give to our family friend so she will stay with you until you find a home please may I have some pictures as I miss her a lot thank you

  7. Samantha Wigley said:


    With reference to our conversation today I am looking for a cat who is very good with children. My son is 3 and very shy. He loves them to come up to him for cuddles but will not approach any animal on his own. We have had a bengal for many years who has passed away.

    My daughter who is 14 was heart broken so she would also need an affectionate cat to fall in love again. The breed of the cat is not important though.

    We would prefer a cat that won’t stray too far. We have an enclosed garden and live in a cul de suc so if it stays close to home we know its safe.

    If you can help please contact me on 07500945522



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