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  1. Jo said:

    We’ve had 2 beautiful black cats from Patsy. They’re a wonderful charity with brilliant aftercare. Would always recommend using Patsy. Lovely lady xx

  2. Geraldine ritchie said:

    May i see a pic of them

  3. rik said:

    Hi everyone I fell upon this page looking for official Persian Kitten and Cats
    I am desperately looking for a persian ( white ) for my partner ! some thing i said i would NEVER ever do again ! after we had our last boys Andy and Adam the heart ache was so bad when Andy Pandy Murray died i swore never again ! BUT my partner Alan has now be diagnosed with the big C and his wish is to have what he all ways really wanted a lovely stunning white persian ! so I am going to ask you all out there ! IF you know any breeders or anyone who would may be have a kitten I can buy for him as a surprise ! Its a very sad time for me right now ! but his wish is my command !
    Please can any one who can help direct me or who may be has one let me know
    thanking you all

  4. Lesley said:

    We adopted our Willow, a brown Burmese from Rushden three years ago when she was seven years old. She lives with her rehomed “brother” Ocicat and is very happy and much loved and sleeps on our pillow every night. We are so grateful to Patsy for letting us have her. Keep up the wonderful work you do for all the beautiful cats.

  5. Sarah said:

    I took “bully boy” Asbo, a red and cream Persian from Rushden. He has settled in so well but I wish he’d stay in more on my lap!💕
    Patsy has been very responsive with any after care that I have needed and it’s so obvious that she, and her daughter do it out of love and dedication.
    Thank you Patsy and daughter.

  6. Frances Holt said:

    Re sapphire and scarlet
    Hi patsie I hope these two went to there new home last Thursday and are happy.
    We have not seen any pictures of them on face book yet did they go as planned.
    Regards Frances Holt

  7. Kirsty said:

    An amazing rescue with a solid reputation. Friends recommended Rushden Persian Rescue to us and we’ve now found our perfect little furry soulmate. Thank you Patsy and everyone involved – I can’t even imagine the lengths you must go to in order to keep these kitties safe and happy.

  8. Melanie Kennedy said:

    We rescued sally a la perm 3 years ago. Patsie gave me life as sally is totally adorable. She is playfull loving and always next to you.
    Patsie is excellent at rehoming poor cats who would otherwise not find their forever home. I was vetted by so called rescue sites and refused despite meeting their criteria. Patsie had faith in us and welcomed us to her home. I chose sally and she has been purfect. Well done patsie for all your hard work. Sally and my family are endebted to you. Love sally Mel and Helen from skegness 😊😈🙃
    Negativity should not be allowed here as patsie does an amazing job. If you knew the hours she and her family sacrifice then perhaps you would understand. This is no 9-5 job. It’s not about the humans. We can wait. it’s about the vulnerable cats and kittens needing urgent attention. Please be patient and consider what is involved before we actually get to see her cats and kittens up for adoption. Not only is there time involved there is also vets fees, fuel , heating and lots of tlc too.

  9. Sandie Granger said:

    I had not intended my comments to be negative as I do appreciate that they are busy doing a very worthwhile job. I was simply disappointed that I was wasn’t able to adopt one of their cats and had waited about 2 weeks before I posted my comment having had no other way to contact them.

  10. Sandie Granger said:

    I was very disappointed to receive no reply from you regarding my enquiries and phone call. I was very interested in having a cat or 2 cats from you as over the last 2 years we have lost our 3 cats due to old age. I received a very different response from another Northampton cat rescue and am happy to say that I am just awaiting a home check now having reserved two kittens

    • Admin
      Admin said:

      Apologies that we missed you enquiry. We are a small rescue and have been extremely busy over the past couple of weeks. On behalf of cat rescue organisations many thanks for re-homing your kittens from rescue care.

    • Val Sincock said:

      I received a very fast response when I phoned Patsy about 2 adult cats and a litter of kittens that had been left to fend for themselves even though I was right on the edge of her ‘district’. They are a charity with limited resources and I do not think that negative feedback is helpful. Offers of help and donations would be more appropriate rather than puplic criticism, after all they are not Amazon.

  11. Laura Mcilroy said:

    I adopted Prince (formally Bruno) a beautiful blue Persian four years ago. It was a perfect match and I am so happy with him. Patsy is fantastic and does an amazing job- I just recommended you to a lovely lady yesterday which made me think to come and take a look at your site again.
    Prince is such a special boy, loves to ‘chat’, is playful and extremely affectionate. He was a little anxious at first but after a few months just completely relaxed. He even enjoys taking the train for his holidays to Grandmas when I go away! And of course the staff just adore him 😉
    Thank you Patsy for introducing me to me beautiful boy.

  12. Paul Adams said:

    Just a quick thank you. We “rescued” Rosie in August 2016. Rosie was very nervous at first and understandibly weary of new-comers . We absolutely adore her and she is so happy and settled now. She has gained weight and the contentment on her face makes her virtually unrecognisable. She even snuggles up to us on the bed first thing in the morning and last thing at night. She has all of our attention and a whole house and farm to enjoy!!.The pleasure we derive from her obvious contentment of being the one and only and her wishing to interact with us from the break of dawn to dusk is incalcuable. A Big thank you and all the best.

  13. Graham said:

    We visited Patsy some 3 years ago now, there was a short hair exotic called Ruskin who we really warmed too, he had a tough 4 years prior to coming to Patsy’s, shy, timid and really put out generally, he spent most of that 4 years under a bed or squirrelled away under furniture etc, a house cat, he didn’t go out. Patsy said it would take him a year to come round and do you know what she was right, he’s now a joy, friendly, goes out in our garden, loves a cuddle and wakes us up in the morning by curling up on our bed pillows purring away. Patsy knows whats what when it comes to cats thats for sure!
    Thanks Patsy for the encouragement when we really didn’t think he was going to change.
    He’s now called Otis and a real joy!
    I thoroughly recommend Patsy as a first stop if you ever want to re home a cat, the effort she puts in is incredible.

    • Ruth said:

      Sounds like a lovely boy and similar to a boy ive been searching for for a few years now , tho the information doesnt sound the same as my boy did go out so may not be him .i would love to know how he has been doing ive been desperate to know hes doing ok.id be very greatful to hear from you.

    • Ruth said:

      Hi graham , hopefully you will get these messages.i forgot to add my details.seems we have a common ground.would be lovely to here about your lovely boy otis .ruth bentley-thoburn rbentleythoburn@outlook.com .or 07949488994

  14. Kay and Paul Bone said:

    We rescued Leo last Saturday 16th July. I can hardly say ‘rescue’ as he is probably the most beautiful natured cat, I have ever met. He was shy when we first met him, but came into his own , when he came home to our cottage. Never heard of a La perm before, but highly recommended. Straight away he asked to be mixed with our dogs, two boxers and a cross pug and our female cat. We are besotted with him, thank-you and he is so happy. So impressed with your rescue centre, the cleanliness and the total commitment that you give in rescuing and looking after these beautiful animals. Highly recommended.

  15. Katherine said:

    Rescued my Persian, Angel, through Patsy and the team 5 years ago. Lost her just over 6 months ago but when thinking of adopting another kitty will be visiting. Patsy and the team do such a good job and Angel had the best time learning about other cats and the outdoors before she left me.

  16. Kerry Harrison said:

    I adopted Tilly and Garcia from Patsy, she gave me lots of info about them, I went once to see if I could bond with them, and went to collect them a week later. I am so pleased with them and all the help that the Rescue gave me.The cats are thoroughly checked and come with all the injections. If you are looking for a cat this is a great place to look.

  17. Dilly said:

    I’ve been lucky enough to rehome 3 cats from Patsy. She’s a wonderful person who always puts the cats as priority. She’s does all she can for them & the rescue & grooming days too. A top place ran by wonderful people……THE BEST!!!

  18. Jacqueline said:

    I went to see Patsy 5 yrs ago and I was lucky enough to re home my fur babies Boo and Kato. My life wouldn’t be the same without them and I can never thank her enough. Patsy and her team to an incredible job. If your thinking of re homing a cat or cats then please consider Rushden rescue and also older cats, so many people just go for kittens. My two are just wonderful characters and I adore them….thanks Patsy

  19. Lesley Smith said:

    We have had 3 rescues from Patsy think that says it all really. Cinders still sneezing but is now a lap cat Obi thinks he is a dog but likes to cuddle up in the evening with one or the other of us but Molly is the Princess Thank You Patsy

  20. Jo Bailey said:

    I have already emailed my query but both Molly and Incase are beautiful and would love to bring one of these girls home to her forever home

  21. Kate Lane said:

    They are fabulous. I adopted a Esme from them and I can’t imagine life without her. They work very hard to rescue and find homes for any cat that needs them.

  22. Karen Chisholm said:

    I wanted to also let Patsy and her team know that the gorgeous Burmese cat i adopted a few years ago called Lily who is the most AMAZING cat ever! She is a bundle of affection and an absolute delight and is completely spoiled and lives with her best friend a rescue siamese – they are inseparable and have the run of the house and the garden together¬!

  23. Andy Snell said:

    If your looking for a new cat, then please use this rescue. The work Patsy and her team do is superb and you will not be disappointed with your new cat.

  24. Carolyn Brimfield said:

    Just wanted to make you aware that the pages for Madge, Lucia and Elvis do not seem to be working as no info is displayed when I click on their photos individually. I am guessing they are new ones as they weren’t on there the other day when I looked.

    • Admin
      Admin said:

      Many thanks for the feedback. Please note that pages for Lucia and Elvis are now available. Madge has been re-homed.

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