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Rushden Persian Rescue

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Telephone Lines: 9.00 am - 6.00 pm (Wed-Sun)

Appointment Times: 11.00 am - 4.00 pm (Wed-Sun)


Note that the rescue is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays


rpr_10_year_anniversaryHaving done rescue and  fostering for the Cats Protection League (Northampton) and Cat Action Trust for many years, Patsy Smith and a small number of volunteers founded Rushden Persian Rescue in January 2007. We became a registered Charity in June 2008 Reg. No. 1124730.

The original aim of the rescue was to take in Persian cats that were in trouble. Since then the rescue has expanded and we now cater for any pedigree cat, although Persians always take priority.

We were thrown in at the deepend in January 2007 when we took in 7 Persian cats (one heavily pregnant). Sadly she lost her kittens despite our best efforts and a C-section. She was later neutered and rehomed when she had fully recovered.

Since then we have had a steady stream of Persian and other  cats come over our doorstep, which is highlighted by the fact that we now typically rescue/rehome in excess of 300 cats each year compared to less than a 100 cats in our first year.

Before you can adopt a cat a home visit or vet reference may be required.

All our cats are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, bathed/groomed, wormed/flea treated.

Each cat will be taken to our Veterinary practice (Swanspool, Wellingborough) before rehoming. They will have a full 12 point health check. Any abnormalities found will be discussed,  recorded and advice given.

Subject to the results of the Health check, cats rehomed will be given 4 weeks FREE Pet Insurance, and go home with a Royal Canin Food vouchers, and be given advice on the health and welfare of the cat. This will include grooming tips and a list of ” do’s and dont’s”.

If you would like to adopt a cat, please get in contact.

  1. Susan Garley said:

    Good morning well done for doing a fantastic job taking in these lovely cats what Is the adoption procedure please and are they all outdoor cats ? What cost is it to adopt a cat please

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