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  1. Caroline Murray said:

    Hi Patsy – this is the link I am trying to share on your FB page for the 2 Greek Kittens — Please any members reading this please consider adopting these 2 beautiful kittens who desperately need a home.


  2. Julie Platt said:

    Eddie ( 3 year old Ginger Persian X) is a stunning, gentle, affectionate boy who loves to be groomed and will purr away. He has been living with his family since a kitten and is much loved. However, even after a year of trying to persuade him to accept the Pug dog who was aquired as a puppy, Eddie is not settled. His owners would really like him to be happy with a special home of his own with the love and attention he deserves. It would be ideal if Eddie has some safe outside space as he is used to being outdoors but has no roadsense.

  3. Melanie Kennedy and Sally cat. Our cream tortie la perm. said:

    Congratulations on reaching your ten year milestone. Lots of love and thanks from
    Sally cat your beautiful la perm who lives in Skegness. ๐Ÿ˜Š Helen. Melanie , and Jim. She is an adorable funny and friendly cat. Nothing like the shy little cat in your home. Just as you predicted she has come out of her shell and is a delightful temperament, intelegent and always always by your side. Oh and so clumsy. Rules say cats always land on their feet…… she defies this and seldom lands on her feet ever !!! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ
    Keep up your good work and Best wishes.
    Happy Christmas & New Year.

  4. Lynn Woodger said:

    Hi patsy. Would just like to say Teddy (was Cameo) has settled in so well he is adorable. He likes his comforts and sleeps a lot in the day but loves to play at night. He gets fed Lily’ s kitchen wet food just a little at breakfast and teatime which he adores along with his Royal Canin dry food. He sleeps on the sofa stretched out on my legs with a nice snuggy cover around him. We have managed to clean his eyes and brush him so he gets a little makeover every couple of days. Can’t tell you how he has made us feel although he can never replace our other babes he is filling the big empty space we had in our hearts. Can you let his other mummy know how he’s doing please as I know you said she was very upset to have to part with him. He was well worth the drive from Warrington and he didn’t even grumble once on the journey back.
    Thank you for the quick response to my initial enquiry wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year. Love from Lynn,Barry & The amazing Teddy. XX

  5. Sue & Tony Raspin said:

    Any updates on Luna and Krystoph yet, please, we would love to come and have a cuddle tomorrow as per private message yesterday, thank you

  6. John & Carol Brinkworth said:

    Hi my wife and I are looking for a Persian red, male or female about 4-5 years old, as we have just lost our loving FizziWizzi after 16 years of happiness with her we are Brocken hearted, we have had three Persian reds over the years and we love them to bits, and cant live without one, please if any one can help please let us know by phone 01902 780476 or email us brinkworth6rf@btinternet.com thanking you John.

  7. Cynthia Worman said:

    My blind girls, Poppy and Daisy, are going to be 6 years old next week and I can still remember them when I brought them home as tiny kittens. The world revolves around them and they give so much joy to us as do Ozzy (12) and Mocha (13) . Also my first cat from you, Tilliana, so loved and missed. Thank you for all of them.

  8. Fiona Lowe said:

    Our lovely old black and white boy had just been taken from us , cancer is a terrible thing. There were going to be no more cats as we were all devastated by his passing, but our son was looking and found Patsy’s wonderful Persian rescue, we saw the little silver spotted tortie British Shorthair, she was called Dreamer. Well we came and saw, love at first sight, we got her a few days later on her birthday, coincidence, we think meant to be. She is now called Missy, and we have had her for just over two years now, to say a cat is loved and happy is just about right, she has settled in so well, from the very beginning she made herself at home, now is the be all and end all, Missy can do no wrong , she loves the garden as had never been out before, she is perfectly safe as can’t seem to climb, not a bird catcher either, even though she’ll give it a go, they all seem to know they are safe !
    So many thanks Patsy for our gorgeous Missy , she is our little darling, even if does love our bed and gets very up close and personal!!!

  9. Michael said:

    We have a beautiful cat we called Lilly, her mum was a Snowshoe, Lilly was one of the smaller black and white kittens at the rescue centre, she is beautiful and now nearly 5 years old, she lives with the Akita dog and they are very good friends. Happy Ten Years of great work!

  10. Julie England said:

    Hi, we’ve had a number of cat’s from you over the last 10 years, the last two only a week ago Ra and Cobweb. They all have such distinct personalities and have given us unconditional love. In our multi cat house Ra & Cobweb surprised us with the ease with which they fitted in and grow in confidence daily. Thank you for all your support & help – here’s to the next 10 years.

  11. Elaine Rattigan said:

    We adopted Missy, who we now call Hollie, in November 2010, What can I say, Hollie is a Siberian Cat, we love this breed of cat, so clever, talkative, so much fun and a lap cat, she never leaves our sides. Hollie last year had to have a hip toggle fitted which was really a worrying time but luckily she has recovered and is doing really well. From a shy little cat that we could not even touch when we came to adopt her, she is now the most
    perfect cat companion who we adore. Thank you for letting us adopt her.xxx

  12. Daniela Burt said:

    An update finally…..10 years later! Mollie and Pickle were rescued from yourselves and they have travelled with us to Bahrain and are just the most gorgeous pair. Thank you for letting us have our forever Friends. We love them dearly xxx

  13. Wendie Brown said:

    We adopted Bert from here last October the 8th – I spent my birthday money on him, and he was the nicest cat I have ever owned, Sad to say he died 51 weeks later but he was an old old cat to start with so we had an expectation of this, but he was the best decision I ever made. Patsy and crew were always helpful and supportive and I miss him everyday! Fantastic service

  14. Lorraine matson said:

    Hi, we adopted Cienna a tortoiseshell Persian from you a while back and I just wanted to let you know she is doing fine. From the timid shaved little lady who wasn’t very keen on being fussed, she is now a beautiful bold cat who demands a cuddle all the time. She settled in well with our other Persian but now definately rules the roost. Would not be without her. Thank you so much xx

  15. M Skipper said:

    I bring sad news of Daisy, a british blue we rehomed from yourselves back in 2011-12. She recently developed an aggressive tumour between her eyes/nose. No expense was spared in trying to bring her back to health and comfortable, but in the end there was nothing more the vets could do to save her. She was laid to rest 22/04/2016. We now have a hole in our hearts where a cat should fit. RIP Daisy, and thank you for being a part of our family for the last 4 years.

    • SARAH PURSLOW said:

      I have just seen your post about loosing you precious cat. I don’t know whether you have filled the void that was left yet but I have a beautiful mainecoone that I am being forced to re home as my partner has developed a severe breathing problem because of her. Please let me know if you could give a loving home to my baby. Kind regards Sarah

      • Admin
        Admin said:

        Hello Sarah, if you still want our help please contact us.

  16. Karen Drayton said:

    We adopted Hugo, a white chinchilla persian (whose original name was Meeko) in 2008. He is an amazing cat and an absolute joy to us. Basically head of the house now! Thanks to Patsy and all at Rushden for the fantastic work you do. We would adopt more but unfortunately Hugo won’t have any of it but it doesn’t stop me looking!

  17. Patricia Rees said:

    Hi Patsy
    We’re the family who adopted Misty from you a few years ago now & spoke recently about finding a Maine Coon cat….. well we adopted one from Jean. We called him Dudley & Misty accepted him well. Of course Misty is the boss !
    We’re so pleased to have them both in our family.
    Thank you so much for your help & support xxx

  18. Melanie and Allan said:

    Hi Patsy and team!
    Just a little update on Rafi who is absolutely gorgeous and is the apple of our eyes! As I remember you said he was going to be a big lad and he is according to our vet! He is so loving and loves his food, being brushed and giving me face snuggles! Thank you so much for introducing him to us because he is really a delightful little cat.

  19. Shirley said:

    Hi Patsy
    Hope things are going well for you in the Rescue… Fudge, the Persian girl I adopted from you continues to do well and is a constant joy to my household. We’d like to wish you and your wonderful team a Happy Christmas and a Successful and Peaceful New Year. Lots of Love from Shirley and my lovely Persian babies Fudge and Milo xxx

  20. lorna reast said:

    lovely photos

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